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Originally Posted by just_leroy View Post
I'm mobbin thru traffic
all I hear is everybody bumpin my shit
I know you wish that was you in ur city,
but for now stop it
bank roll in my pocket like im on the exec board
just sample a hook f*ck and around and when the battle
money, models, and awards see me I sharpen all my swords
never hold no punches
pari'ed about the angle of my cuts only when I smoke middi spliff
whats the next word dammit ?

murder words , obliterate , to 1st centigrade...
disperse anyways , the federate decorate after I decimate..
I dedicate this to my passed elders , wake , the devils quaked..
On no level , unedible , unedited , credited to Snooze , who I be...
New name , no fame , clues I teach , sane , you preach lame dude..
deception not a game fool , same rules I break to slain goons...
aye ! in noon I meditate , prune juice to elevate , soon levitate...
whos better mate ? for the english who settle then regulate...

NEXT WORD: GOOP (yea use it as the LAST WORD)

Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC
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