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Default nimrod

...kid's voice called me nimrod, I was still schizzin'
'96 flipped from '69, dead stiff sh!t
elevator shaft, shot down to s.p. in it
hands on the 9 & 11 when c-sectioned
know many codes, shown many souls, still ig'nant
back at 2.15, act like I'm still missing
passed the hit off to adolf, flipped from adam
just released from 17 years, and still at it
tommy gunned down, con on his solo album
broke my name down, top of ny to bag 'em
it's a shame now, those angeles did influence u.s.
but believe me, when I come back, I'm thru with u.s.
I am c.b., who wrote on my route 61
was it FSU? 'cause I'll fuck shit up for 'dem
I know st. nich', I ain't a fluke, I'm really Him
my co-d smalls told me that's his youngins in
them projects...I guess I"ll just connect the dots
montauk, mind control huh, believe it or not
phila. experiment triggered the montauk
and manhattan projects at wut cost
they wanted to go there with me, and the thirty-three
dropped dead in va. tech, the murder scene...[recap]...
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