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Originally Posted by GhettoGnom View Post
How many of you who voted the 00's can honestly say you like more music from the 50s or 80s than the 00s? What the fuck were you listening to the last decade?? You can say what you want about the overall quality about mainstream music lately, but no other decade comes close to the diversity we're seeing nowadays. If you can't find new quality music, regardless of what genre your looking for, it's your own damn fault. The same couldn't be said 60 years ago.
Good point. The reason i voted 00' as the worst was because i couldnt think of any memorable songs off the top of my head like i could the other eras. Of coarse 50's and 60's i couldnt either, but i know they have better music than 00'. Ive bought more albums in 00' than any other era, it doesnt mean that i really like the songs coming out then as much as the other eras. So possibly my vote was premature and in 10 years ill find 00' to be better than some.

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