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Originally Posted by 100pr00f View Post
act like ya know when the Buddha bronze blow in super sonic slow
the chronic glow black onyx stones to ya scalp like geronimo
on horse back im to fast kid open you mouth ull get blasted
the arrows are rapid but your death will be classic
sufficient you in wax trapped in a thousand pounds of black chap stick

next weapon: Salamander Brandy

ps its been like 2 years since i posted here lol

shit me too , hiatus out the ass ...

Amp teams , hand these .. grenades - blast radius enslaves...
graves created - fatally trained - my hiatus engraved..
hand me the damn piece.. ill finish off these land beasts...
walls are canned beets.. red.. leave em all crawling like ants be..
dead - they cant see - fled - captured - bled to death - fancy...
100 proof think he safe until the plans be..all about him..
kill a pal , his dander.. litter the land up - hes been man fucked...
tie this fancy liquor to a piece attached to a pear tree...I stand acheived..
balance grammar then (sling back) puncture ya throat w salamander brandy


Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC
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