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hmm, I need revitalising..

I laugh at the masses with drastic rap tactics,
watchin how the fam make fanatics do backflips.
Crack whips nd witness the massacre,
corpses caught in corp rules from Yukon to Attica.
Cabbage heads smoked, folks look for the manager,
Google earth even had trouble finding the answer.
Grab your mic tightly, its time we take flight,
grab your white-tee cos its a pitchblack nite.
The wolves got packs with fangs fiendin to bite,
so try step lightly when your climbing the heights.
We're steady survivin' with environment changes,
but aint shit changed throughout the era of ages.
Trace the laced papers, taste the spray vapors,
face the mainstreamers screamin yall ni99az fakers.
Greet them wit a loogie nd laugh, i laugh last,
and witness how a slow mahfukka turns fast.

yea.. i cant say if thts ok or not for a 5min cipher
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