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feels good droppin lines again.. but i gota elevate further.

The night brought darkness, calm before the storm,
silhouttes of derelicts charged my front lawn.
They was chantin my name, my fame had caused tension,
Leaders hand-picked the first to be sent in.
Young bucks was vexin', threatnin my earth queen,
I stepped out nd disinfected these germs clean.
Seen the team leader dream weaver approach,
believin he can deal wit gorilla 1 blow.
I manned up made him stand up when i floored him,
just to make a point i did this all outa boredom.
The forum roared loudly, applauded me proudly,
crowds of foul ni99az had offered to house me.
Earth first resisted, gripped me clenched fisted,
nodded then agreed so i loaded the biscuit.
Walked the front lawn come dawn it was all out,
i couldnt comprehend how many bodies would fall down.
Jumped in the whip, jetted quick to bunker,
lightning strikes followed me wit rumbles of thunder,
On track for comrades to act as my background,
backed up wit ni99az who refuse to back down.

hmm, slowly gettng back into it
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