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Originally Posted by tekunique View Post
Love thy neighbor..? love to fuck your wife & daughter, stick you like fly paper
En route as you detour im settin C4, soft as smoars niggaz far from h-a-r-D-core
Killin more birds on the wire for cheese its the hyper sniper
Diesel as a Viper Rammin niggaz tryin to Dodge manipulate like Pied Piper
Hypnotic, To Serve Man, Woman & Child from the Zone-Twilight melodic
Deep Sixer in the river, emerged body purple & yellow like a Laker
Caused by multiple blows to the head from frozen Toilet Papers !

Next Weapon : Kite Strings

I seen yall disorderly forms abort stages - thats half the reason why i audit yall papers//jakes made me do it, i threw down nd waited - weighed up my options, gorilla was favored//Placed the pen down, then found i was typing - lightning struck down to you through your kite strings

Next Weapon: Vehicle

to Knowledge math is supreme but to Knowledge Supreme Mathematics is Cipher -(0)
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