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koncretegorilla shaolin monk

I dreamed i seen it all happen, too many times.
Seen emcees die wit their rhymes, poorly designed.
I tried with dire measures, much pressure, no treasure.
weak spittaz thinkin they was tougher than leather.
I set em free, let it be, it didnt seem worth it,
industry execs all squirmed when they heard it.
Vermin cursed learners, verbal marauders,
festering the minds of our sons nd daughters.
Taught by forefathers saw farther than eyes see,
grimy ni99az tryna deliver the raw nicely.
Children ran crying, cos truth can cut deep,
tryna school survival rules kids of the street.
Its futile, the failure of knowledge that borns wisdom,
isnt consumed by the millions that listen.
Wickedness was founded on one guys one lie,
now its time i civilize the un-civil eyes.
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