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Just got word today an old high school friend had passed on, sad to hear, he had a heart of gold and caring soul and to his fam I send my deepest condolences.

I do this for my Mann frm days bak, rememberin way bak,
places that we used to play at.
Peace we'll meet again no doubt friend,
see u at the gates, save a space for me where your clouds end.
Proud to send your fam my best, i guess its rest time,
Sleep easy homie, we'll linkup @ the finish line.
Please forgive my absence, thanks for the memories,
foreal u was a cool cat without any enemies.
Sad you had to leave so soon, i never knew,
now your smiling down like God done unto you.
Love through and through, one love for your soul Pete,
the good go first so the proverbs had told me.
Life comes, life goes, light shines and dims,
a tear for a friend but I hold mine within.

R.I.P. my old friend
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