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apologies gods and earths.. i zone in and forget im still typing, so i broke it in two

Syllable killa scripts of lyrical tension,
scibbles nd invincible beats feature the sentence.
Grabbed from the chasms of dark-depths,
arch-angels dare tread without Arm Leg Leg Arm Head.
Guided by divine light, provided by HIS highness,
no emcee threat sweats the heavens fynest.
Its fact HE sees all degrees, seen war, disease,
seems impossible for mankind to please.
Its breezy, believe me, keep faith, its easy,
take what u need, don't get overly greedy.
Things die for certain in the circle of life,
so live by the code of treating everything right.
Its karma come nd get some, step to the front,
disciples hold bibles not tech loaded guns..........
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