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koncretegorilla shaolin monk

5 parts of ppl glow, but 85 dnt,
the left over 10 keep it hidden to the unknown .
Supreme Alpha-Mathemetics, 1twnty ciphers,
solid forms of knowledge born valued as priceless.
Wise like Isis, eyes wide like i spied this,
viper snakes bite rivals fighting the virus.
Mindless individuals, cynically binded,
sideshow spectacles lie irrespectable.
Sentinels delivered the mental intervention,
devil rebels tried to meddle wit the connection....

ok, ima drift away from Godbody themes.. i get caught up in it,
something for the insulent fiends,
Back to green pastures, I Self Lord am Master,
has to backseat, I'll get back to it after.
For now ima lounge wit clouds surroundin',
glasses of Ferrand wit fam in humble housin'.

to Knowledge math is supreme but to Knowledge Supreme Mathematics is Cipher -(0)
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