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koncretegorilla shaolin monk

I telegraph static eratically mad savagely,
manifested lessons on essence of all humanity.
Guaranteed flashes of fragments fast vanishin',
damage your cameras, your vision blacks gradually.
I carried specs top secret text documents,
I heard the dogs bark before i heard the feds knockin'.
Evaded out my fire escape stair case,
made a break, straight away i made the airwaves.
Graced the front page,
slave civillians greatfully tasted the punch i laced wit feng shui.
Gave you the sage power, knowledge devoured,
the countdown begun to the final hours.
I howled at the moon once knowin that soon come,
doom without who knew how t was all won.
Crunch time busted the punchlines subliminal,
minus the synonyms stayin high off the syllables.....

just wana keep goin,, hahaha
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