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Default Re: "Sicka vs OG Kane" 'tournament'


yo, ima gangsta...OG isnt an OG, naw mean?../
im pretty sure he lied about the agreement...he's younger than thirteen/
OG,..I am your father,...u best join the darkside.../

(^^ funny as hell)

Im like the bad guy "bullseye" when I let the darts fly.../
I aint blind but ima be a "Daredevil" to the day I die.../
thats not going to be soon...dont hold your breath.../
best u run son, im the angel of death.../
"GTA Wutangcorp"..grand theft audio part whatever.../ you always bitin so much, I cant remeber.../
your skills gettin better u said.../
well shorty, "while your down there u may aswell start givin me head.../
your prolly like 3 feet tall.../
OG can stand on my feet an walk with me while he licks my balls.../
kids from japan man,...asians aint tall at all.../


boot the little native than smack up his momma.../
wearin shoes while steppin thru jab crib startin up drama.../
an u know thats a "no-no".../
OG's prolly retreatin, another fuckin "no sho".../
if he does dicide to arrive he's gettin mangled" fo sho bro"...
he thinks he's evolved but we all know he's just found a better site to bite flows.../

Tell your mom's to "keep it tight", thats right..I luv fuckin old hoes.../
ive already been around the block with his moms,...she be up an down on dicks like a yoyo.../

(^^ owned)

ok,...nuff of that,...OG cant rap worth crap.../
fuckin punk...I booted this lil ninja halfway across the map so take that.../


yo,, next time you call me out, you oughta think twice bitch
cuz we slaughtering white kids, better be cautious as snipers
look how small ya pipe is, cuz now thatís how long ya life is
your raps are smaller than mice, itís, complex but mindless
Iím morbid and righteous, bombing the science, stomping on giants
Iíll even fuck ya dead mother until her
form will be lifeless

(^^ Cot Damn)

Iím that fuckin head chopper, your bitches bed rocker
watch ma sledge knock ya head off ya neck.. Ďídoctor!íí
shoot headshotsí at slow cats like you, on some Kodak shit
i programmed this to show them itís a known fact, kid
ya raps are gay like ya avy, the one with Ghosts hat, bitch
and so is ya vocab, you must be bozack-less,
you aint romantic-you a porn addict,
you best save itÖ or git laid bitch
b4 ya disk space gets Ďímisplacedíí by computer hackers
youíre a disgrace to this race, avoid my ruthless habits
smash ya ribcage till my fist breaks.. fuckin
stupid rappers
you bitch-made, Iíll displace his face with a switchblade
dude thinking
im crib-age, but thatís his own mistake

(^^ son is on some get back isht ...damn)

cuz im older than thy god,
yeah bitch im a fuckin icon
I spilt boulders with my palm, like Obelix Iím strong
I spit colder with my tongue.. and yo dust will settle
cant touch my level, ya rusted medals aint nothin special
Iíll bust your treble, by thrustin pencils up ya vessels
quit frontin, heads will blow, my raps make fuckaz wrestle
fuck a devil, I ainít just a rebel, watch and tremble..

I know it's too late to vote, so I'm just dropping feed. Yall ain't messing around in the Battlefield ... LOL. Sicka, you got skillz man, and funny hooks for days, but OG's lil ass is a killah fo sho. He came with some shit under his belt!!

Props to both of yall, and ...


I sew...
beautiful seeds that sprout flowers thatís deeply rooted
your weak style-diluted with concepts thatís so polluted
my words flourish, creating jewels the conscious will cherish ...

-- Dae Ja Nae

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