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koncretegorilla shaolin monk

Its' prime ape the primate, pushin' prime weight,
I emphasize the vinyls, to hibernate your mind state.
Waitin for my date of arrival, your eyes dilate,
screams heard (asi) approached from 'bout a mile away.
Became an Idol, stepped over dead emcees to seize the title.
now I'm Ritchie like Lionel.
Tribal man walkin, jive talkin turkeys, (<haha oldschool)
couldnt touch or even lyrically hurt me.
True disturbing actual matters of fact,
im bringing animal back, eat you wit my cannibal rap.
Watch your mouth when yur mandible flaps, keep your trap shut,
don't step outa line chill don't fkng act up.
Show cracks of slippin ima rip in and feast on,
slice you wit the mic cord Tyson your ears off.
Bite me find out what its like in my psyche,
instead of 6 feet you'll be deeper than 9 seeds.....
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