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Originally Posted by koncretegorilla View Post
....Grimy type wild emcees cee all degrees,
from peaks of achievement to th grief of defeat.
Scenes depict deleted deceased, the weak breeders,
known to pop off but now theyre fkn speechless.
Heaps upon bodies lay, terminated shottie sprays,
I locked the spot down so aint nobody got away.
("The lobby operator copped the first hollowspace,
morgue autopsy reports of a shallow grave.")
Collared the dogs after follwin the molecules,
sportin my shitkickers stompin yall comicals.
Im volcanic high voltage balsamic,
spicey ni99a makes yall toss my salad..... smh hahahaaa

thght it might fit better...

to Knowledge math is supreme but to Knowledge Supreme Mathematics is Cipher -(0)
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