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I've personally never even used FL. So I can't really comment on it.

Reason is a great program. It has everything y0u need and even the processing is pretty ill. I have never used it with Record but I ReWire into Pro Tools. Or Logic as well. But Pro tools is my shit. I make 95% of my beats in Pro Tools. A lot of people don't like it for producing. I use it for producing, recording, and mixing. Its stock VSts aren't the greatest, but Reason helps, just need some descent refills. I also got NI Komplete 7. Which is fucking amazing. Pro Tools is definatley the best recording and mixing out there.

For those that are not that educated on the DAWS avaiable for "producing" (beatmaking), Reaper was voted the best DAW for producing. Logic is awesome for midi. Reason is a aswell but with out Record or rewire all it is a midi program. Pro tools kills the mixing & recording Logic is pretty close behind and Digital Performer. This is all from experience.

I'm sure FL is a great program but after learning the industry standards, it just seems really amateur to me. But the bottom line is If you master any program or are just really comfy with specific programs Cool Edit or Garage Band can be the best programs out there for you.
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