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Default Wild Is The Wind

It's awhile since I been wild as the wind/
while David Bowie spin, hold me closely to your skin/
show me to your center, but I'm never fallin in/
enter inside my temple, confess all your sins/
let me forgive you or give you eternal life/
internal strife, babymama or maternal wife/
work the pipe if you wanna earn your stripes/
I set the bar high and I'm the perfect height/
I work it like freemasons, purple weed blazin/
the purp that we blazin is perfectly fragrant/
I'm purposely flagrant whenever I'm tastin you/
you love me, say you do and I'll fly away with you/
lay with you, give you dick for a day or two/
stay with you til I'm sick of your changin moods/
maybe two weeks later you gon text "I miss you"/
first, I address the issue, next I kiss you/
molest and frisk you like you possessed a pistol/
let me split you, I cut the best like Ginsus/
when I cup ya breast, I touch ya chest quite gentle/
be a freak, no parentals, baby, I ain't judgmental...

Wild is the wind, let's get caught up in the tempest/
all up in your temple, lemme crawl up in ya trenches/
temptress in my rental, sentiments are senseless/
you said I speak that ism, the sentences are endless/
I said I peeped your rhythm, it's from a classic tune/
that takes me back, a brainiac inside a padded room/
for maniacs, I'll break your back like a plastic spoon/
you ache for that, take it back or we'll be at it soon/
wake up in the afternoon, and then I'm ancient history/
I'm out here on my grizzly, call me when you miss me/
I'll roll up in a jiffy, speak softly and you kiss me/
if ya attitude is iffy, think calmly 'fore you diss me/
cuz since we been here, we been severely blunted/
I been real and sincere, I kept it three hunnit/
only love the money, I thought that's what we wanted/
all the time that I done spent, I need to be refunded...
Image is everything except the truth.
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