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Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
How many of these descriptions have you experienced?
Ive so far experienced these:

Acute acceleration

This phenomenon accrues when the body and/or mind shifts in any direction, leaving one at a different point than prior to acceleration.

Astral travelling
The experience of traveling to other places and persons and meeting them during the experience on an astral plane. The physical/etherical body stays behind, the astralbody and Selfconciousness travels. Often the persons visited report meeting you in a dream or just having a strong impression of you being around. Even sexual encounters are possible, where both partners confirm the experience afterwards.

Body deconstruction
When one's body seems to be dissolved and deconstructed into waves, particles, vibration, light. If the deconstruction is total, there's no sense of the body left, just the consciousness perceiving hyperspace.

Breakthrough (as experienced on salvia divinorum rather tham dmt)
State traveler gets after ingesting the breakthrough dose of DMT. Beyond life or death. Beyond time or space or known dimensions. Inherently synaesthetic. Ultra sharp edges and highly polished surfaces. Endlessly morphing and fractalizing details. A sense of extremely high energy and vibration as well as frantic activity. All One. Feels oddly familiar - maybe where you were before birth and will return after death? Everything that ever is, has been, can be, will be, never was, never could be . . . . .

The visual of a pristine polished "enhanced" open eyed reality.

Carrier wave
Just after a launch, travelers often hear a ringing tone or vibration somewhat resembling a carrier wave. As the ringing sensation continues one can even feel that this vibration is 'resonating in every cell of the body'. The frequency of the tone often seems to cause (or be caused by) the dissolution of the current environment, and may be a perceptual artifact of -the actual raising of one's vibratory rate to levels where access to Hyperspace is possible. Sounds like a high pitched tinntinitis tone right out of the range of consensual reality hearing (maybe what a dog hears with a dog whistle) - sometimes steady state, sometimes warbling up and down, like a siren.

Currently, there are 2 main ways to classify the intelligent creatures (‘entities’) which one can encounter in the hyperspace.

The classic one, which has been around for some time, is a lose collection of entities encountered by different journeymen over the course of many years. Therefore, it might lack a good, stable and reliable structure.

The alternative classification method, proposed by Hyperspace Fool, is based mainly on his own experiences collected over a period of 30 years.[3] Because of his sole authorship, it is a better structured classification method. One should remember, however, that Hyperspace Fool used other means of exploring consciousness besides DMT (lucid dreaming for example). Therefore, the question whether his classification is a valid point of view regarding DMT Hyperspace experiences, remains open.

The journeymen are advised to take a good look at both classification theories to see, which one resonates better with his/her own DMT Hyperspace experiences. And always remember: all experienced DMT users agree, that the actual hyperspace experience cannot be adequately put in words of our worldly language – the experience seems to be truly beyond any words. Therefore, do not limit your perception to the entities described below, because you will encounter more in the hyperspace than the words can ever say…

The Logos
Gaian mind. See also Central light

The array of entities encountered/encounterable is vast, and as such it helps to subdivide this broad term into sub-categories. For our purposes these shall be:
A) Hyper-Spatial Beings
B) Extra-Dimensional Beings that don't live in Hyperspace
C) Local Entities

Often times the various beings I have described here are more interested in observing, and sometimes communicating or parlaying with, other beings... than they are in us. Some of them seem to regard us the way we would regard a tiny kitten that pokes its head out of a bush. They might pet you or give you some milk, but they generally find you rather ignorant of whatever it is that is important to them. Of course there are plenty of entities who seem to have nothing better to do than to put on the most fabulous show this side of somewhere... just for little ol' you.

Hyper-Spatial Beings
Hyper-Spatial Beings is the subset of entities that actually reside in Hyperspace. There are certainly a number of classes and sub-categories here, and the first couple types here tend to be the regular "greeters" of that realm in that they are usually among the first entities one is likely to encounter:

Hyperspace Jesters
Hyperspace Jesters: Could also be called Harlequins or fools. They truly resemble medieval jesters and harlequins... however, they are not silly or foolish in any way. They tend to be hyper-intelligent and might be the male versions of the Flirty Fairies. They have a fundamentally different nature that they are trying to show off, though. They like to show you things... objects. Often flashing Hyperspace tarot cards at you which, on their own, can impart reams of information to you when you look at them. They are similar enough to the "Machine Elves" that they could be the same species, only these guys tend to not be operating the machines... perhaps they are on break or vacation (essential nature - CRAFT).

This is a symptom one has after the return from Hyperspace. Also described as a warped or more appreciative view of reality. Symptoms include seeing sounds and hearing colors.

Folding Rooms
The multidimensional spaces that certain hyperspace beings often entangle, enmesh, and overlap travellers in. They actually seem to fold over & in on themselves and the observer viscerally... reaching behind and around one with their architecture.

Glass chrysanthemum
The kaleidoscopic/fractal pattern that turns into the doorway to hyperspace.[9]

Sometimes the entities present gifts to the hyperspace traveler. These gifts can be 'sculptures', 'orbs', 'Faberge eggs from mars', 'extra-terrestrial notions', 'glyphs' and many other things.

The place you go to after breakthrough, can be any place and time imaginable. Where the impossible can easily happen, extreme geometric explosions of color, sound, emotions, information, also the feeling of it being hyperreal.

In Between
The world where you arrive before you break into hyperspace. It is a world where you are on your own, already left this plain, but not yet reached the other. One can be confronted with a hightened awareness of the tensions present in the body, or with daily problems one struggles with. Accepting these experiences and using them literally as a portal to hyperspace can still bring the traveller to hyperspace.

Planck Time (not all the way)
The smallest unit of time that can be mathematically described. When you feel time compressing in to smaller and smaller units, you are approaching Planck Time. When you reach it, you experience time 'stopping'. See also

Pre flight anxiety
Pre flight anxiety is the anxiety one has just before liftoff into Hyperspace. Since being shot into hyperspace is such a stressful and powerful moment people are in some way afraid of that moment, the anxiety they undergo at that specific moment is known as 'pre flight anxiety'. Many also report that this Pre flight anxiety diminishes shortly after entering hyperspace or upon returning from hyperspace.

Shadow Exaggeration
When shadows exaggerate there sizes.

Stuck in a loop (horrible horrible experience.)
When your mind keeps repeating the same thoughts or events over and over again in a seemingly infinite loop. [8]

You sort of pop out of the normal flow of time, into a certain area where time is eternal. From there you can travel to any given point in the timeline and re-enter the timeline. There you can re-experience that specific timeframe, and sometimes finish unfinished business. See also Planck Time.

The Throat Marble
This is a symptom one can have while visiting Hyperspace. Feeling as though you don't need to breathe. Also discribed as the feeling of a rolling ball trapped in the back of ones throat. [9]

I experienced these on a moai + psilocybin mushrooms and a few salvia divinorum experiences but none were from DMT.
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I've had this game on my gaming rig for a bit now and ignoring it, fired it up 2 days Ago and omfg I'm addicted , started the game 8 and went to bed at 3 am
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I tuned in for a few minutes and watched alex jones
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plus their romance was fucking awesome.
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U know , I'm often asked what kinda guy would you consider a simp
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Do you believe you are but one version of many variables of yourself in different realities?
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