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Originally Posted by Teh KillaBee View Post
Bisping is going to fucking die. Chael via All American Ass Whoopin
haha it's funny how bisping is hated so much... the guy he's fighting is a drug cheat, a money launderer, a liar and in general a guy with absolutely no accountability or integrity, yet it's bisping who everyone wants to lose... surely this is proof why bisping should be promoted from a business standpoint...

as for the match... chael will only stop bisping if it's by a lucky cut... his striking is average at best... it'll be more of chael just sticking to what he does best... wrestling... bisping won't be able to stay on his feet all fight and i can't see him getting back to his feet...

sonnen is definitely improving with his submissions but bisping won't be taken by surprise like stann was... but a clear UD for sonnen nonetheless...
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