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Cookie cutter raps, yo stick to playin craps instead – maybe you have better luck
all the kids in this thread can’t be winnin that bread cuz they spread
like butter, I only stutter when I have to meet a bitch’s mother
wonderin’ if she know that I busted a nutter in her clutter, like smeared jiff
never lift a spliff keep it pure herb, don’t dilute lungs like blood in the Nile
water disturbed
but anyway battles aint my style, I prefer to drop knowledge on a beat all the while
crawl ten miles and then break into a dead sprint, judge my velocity and get ya ass bent
complete all missions I’m tasked with, and meditate on decisions as fools flip
and falter, not my fault that you got stranded like Gibralter – surrounded
by snakes and cowards with their hands out, I’m empowered by simple acts
so I kick the facts and cut away the slack like the mic cord you holdin
your flow is like a dolphin in an old frozen pond, if you need I’ll throw ya the bronze
shake the silver out your pockets, pull them golden teeth out yo sockets
so you can croak like a frog and watch life pass by life a rocket
you couldn’t find the way if you was lead by Davey Crockett
so while I’m hittin Sacagawea, like Cast Away all you got is an old locket
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