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Originally Posted by Creepshow View Post
I can never understand what the big deal is if DC decides to make more books of a product they have the rights to. As long as they don't "Remake" Watchmen, it's cool with me.
Yeah its not a big deal to me. It just sucks whenever a company decides to follow up a classic with spin offs so they can milk the franchise for more money. I'll be annoyed if this ends up watering down the franchise, going away from the original concepts, and giving new fans the wrong idea of what Watchmen is about. It sorta turns me off to the whole thing when Alan Moore is against it - its like someone making another Godfather movie against the wishes of Coppola and the actors.

That said, they did pick an interesting group of people to work on it so it may be end up being a legit soulful addition to Watchmen. Either way I'm sure Alan Moore, Gibbons and Higgins will be gettin paid off the whole thing.
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