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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

my freestyle appology to raekwon

yo rae you look kinda hard
i am the ship im in the barge
i got another 3.5 grams im scary
everybody knows the linstidind is on the prairy
im at my parents and im not meant to drink
but im on pure ass pooder to, what do you think
rae are you going to accept i'm jesus
nigga never known, nigga never believe us
big bad billy analogue was not inspired by keith
i made it up before i saw robbie analogue like a leaf
everyone knows im licking my gums
this coke is so good i live in the slums
i have no job but i wear rocawear jackets
i have over a 6grand studio in my flat faggots
i am good with money
my rhymes the flow is funny
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