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Default need critizicm

im like a yung blessed soldia on a dark battle field/
take my ice water sword cuz i only need one to get u sealed/
i got a defense for any weapon u can wield/
my words continue to grow sharper like steel/
when i shave off a little bit/
chop up ya body and i save just a little bit/
i got no mercy for this little bitch, fuck awla that quitta shit/
i go from a yung man to a killa quik/
lemme giv u a little killa tip/
n e man who say hes the top dude is the one wit a little dick/
look, i break down ya rhymes and leave em as a element/
i spit flame that can take out a whole settlement/
im not a dictionary rapper screamin out words like embezzlement/
but believe me when i tell u that ma flow is hella sick/
listen, im a little yung for the wu but i still got love for the old school/
fuck these mainstream rappers who dont kno how to hold tool/
u kno those types that put chalk around these slowa fools/
the kinda punks whos flow is pooled, just watered down to a substance that no real gangsta use/
now listen to ma gangsta views, im not very tall but i still tower dudes/
cuz i got a flow like biggie so i use the power moves/
plowin thru cars and they houses to/
now listen to my quik rhymes, kill ya wit that sick line/
u cant switch hoes like i switch mine, o shit its ma bed time/

lemme know ya, havent been writin 2 much lately, made this one up as i was typin it so be easy on me
"i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
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