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Originally Posted by DickyTouch View Post
Iverson a fucking idiot....this really isn't surprising.
That whole "practice" thing was Iverson in a nutshell. He just doesnt get it. He's not a big picture type of guy.
Allen Iverson had a very valid point about that whole "practice thing"
His point was:"Why are we having a press conference, why are we spending so much Time discussing 'practice?'"
Part of that issue was Iverson vs. Larry Brown, the latter being a man who was widely considered to be disagreeable by many of his players, and who had no problems snaking 1 team to go coach another. His character should come into question as frequently as Iverson's.
It's common in all sports for veterans to have amended practice routines. Iverson was 1 of the best players in his era, by far the best player on the Sixers; and him going all out in every game is as big a part of his legacy as any statistics, awards, wins, or records. But certain people tried to use "practice" to diminish all of that.
The sports media likes to use the phrase: "He just doesn't get it," when an athlete doesn't kiss their collective ass.
Originally Posted by DickyTouch View Post
your a fucking enabler.
Giving your child 10 bucks when you know he's going to spend it on crack...
Spoken like someone that doesn't have 1 loyal bone in their body, and has zero to offer anyone, monetary or otherwise.
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