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My nigga hip hop is a lyrical game, if you really appreciate his lyrics you wouldn't think his music boring, you would realize it for what it is which is challenging, complex, witty, no nonsense real life shit, hard and mind blowing. His flow is intentional for you to realize that, but you don't. Gza is trying to leave an impression on you, some get it some don't. For some Gangsta Hip Hop engulfs the lives of its listeners and brainwashes them in to senseless, wanna be thugs with no respect for themselves, women or their parents. Im sure you are aware. Its all in the Gza's lyrics, that's why i said the nigga aint just rapping, hes schooling you and if you find it boring than you don't grasp the idea, concept or artistry of the Genius and therefore wont appreciate it. Got it?
Some beats are mediocre, but for the most part they are really good. pencil, alphabets, ground breaking, 7 pounds, firehouse are all better than average. 0% beat was dope on Legend and is better on Pro i think.
You right Jin, i meant to say black milk and i forgot to mention Math. And for what it is the album was a success.
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