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Default my story told again

i hear a voice in my head giving me constant auditions
doc says its schizophrenia but i say its not a mental condition
its a real life demon but the ginger wanker dont believe me
the demon also put faces on my garden wall more detailed than the tv
the voice has a name it's La-Cinderella
how can this be for the messiah-like figure
La-Cinderella has a made up cat and he's called Ben
every night he sleeps on my bed and La-Cinderella shouts at me stop kneeing him again
thats all i hear every time i go to sleep
"Stop kneeing Ben!" this stories rather deep
Taunts from a demon and blasts from government satellites
What are they trying to stop me from if all i wanna do is batter-mics
Electro-magnetic beams seep through windows and into my brain
Every morning i wake up feeling fucked up, and think well thats strange
the government dont like powerful people who oppose them
especially when my mind has the power to decompose them
nobody believes i hold the key to the prophecy
two zero twelve is still to be what it ought to be
the government make cars drive by and the number plates i notice them
they usually contain numerical patterns, governments mad i aint supportin them
id rather use my synchronicity and 11:11 and stay exposin them
when they see i'm the messiah they're gonna be frozen men
like raekwon and he'll kick himself big time
i once with a friend mugged a man for 80 quid so you all know i did crime
the government want to see me put away or worse yet dead
can't they all get it through their thick fucking heads
i believe in fate, smash their heads with some plates
they change the formation of the satellites but i never take the bait
everything i say is true but you wont believe this
i've already seen the signs im jesus but still you cant hear this
when angels surround me they say others dont have the power to be this
you've probably already turned the page off so you won't see this
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