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Default of The 2-4 Nation

...ay, ironic, black thought and beanie was rhyme partners
sparring bars at my nig’ don’s house often
23rd and mckean, his li’l youngins
being in the streets of s.p. was rough and
the pride was built from the legacy, being survivors
of bodied family and friends, up in this parlor
the ice, the cream was all part of the melodrama
and 2-4 is the origin where we was all from
how columbia records ever picked up on it
had my uncle talking crazy ‘bout a necktie’s coming
taylor made, but I’m a’ say I’m a’ check on suh’m
them skull and bones I’m a’ have broken up and crumblin’
the home of the philadelphia experiment
tiles in the city streets saying ressurect the dead
on 2-4, symbol of planet jupiter
got martin luther king jr. shootin’ niggas up
got adolf hitler just getting outta’ prison
and lucky luciano on some jbm shit
and marcus garvey passed away again, couldn’t hold him
my cousin ellsworth bumpy johnson? yo, I tole’ ‘em
I schizzed out in ’96, that’s ’69 flipped
and ’69 is when 13X was shot to death
whether you believe or not who I am, it doesn’t matter
The Father The Sun’s born again ’71, scattered
2.71 I was born, 5.71 gods sought me out
founded power hill, made my knowledge real...
...everyone of us ressurected was 2-4 representatives
this is no lie, stranger than fiction is...
...phila. body bag, pa! to the death with this... you knowing why they hardly ever mentioned us...
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