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...them niggas outsidus will be tough when they stiffs
and the beans’ talk gotta’ get chopped down nevertheless
the giants gon’ get down-sized with no problem
the devils gon’ stay unsolved cases regardless
of any feds when I’m fed-up and still starving
and anywhere that I step on, I’m getting honored
this is not a made-up story, it’s a cover story
as long as luciano insisted to cover for me
grounds for beef when the grounds is breached
gob a’ spit on my dick when I’m down the beach
coulda’ had some bul kilt’, but the scene was too hot
I’m a real philly gun, nothing but air and two palms
..I know this nigga, he wanted to get in with the
mafioso, I might just have to end nigga
merlino declared war back in ‘99
how media put it, I’m to ny [tony]...who ‘bout to die
don’t be tryin’ a’ protect your bul
if you know the laws of the land, you know allah’s who I am
south philly is my camp, if the brothers okay with it
put the stamp of approval on it, let me reign with it
..guess who turn into a blood stain, blood
you tell me, thought I told y’all gay fuks
I’m tryin’ a’ save children who salvageable
eat you whole is what the beast’s palate’ll do
this is not a contest, I’m not challenging you
it’s a no-contest, you a challenge to who
who I am is about to cancel you out
run up in chase bank, grab the bags and be out...
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