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Originally Posted by Chi-Town Collizion View Post
yo the ghetto has been collapsed for 32+ its just moving into "middle class" territory..and they call us blacks/latinos "minorities" as a derogatory term to keep us at the bottom..we have so many babies if it wasnt for gang violence wed be the majority..but yea whole thing is satanic royalty running the cant tell me they have 1.2 trillion every 2 months for a 10 year war but cant give latinos/blacks middle class communities with lots of jobs..shits a scam the CIA is the ones bringing mass coke into the ghetto..but on the economic collapse if that happens ima be ready 4 survival lol..
Last time I checked, growing up in a shitty neighborhood didn't equate to having survivalist skills for the out doors. Staying in a major city during the aftermath would be the quickest way to die.

While all the retards loot best buy, I would be looting REI, Cabellas and anything with horticulture supplies. Next I would rendezvous with Palehorse so we could stake out some land to cultivate a yam garden on.

Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
You'll cowards dont even drink cock liquor.
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