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Default let the records show [south philly high late '80s] brother jazz fresh believed in me, he battled kane two times
used to call me his young buck and have me spit rhymes
I rolled with 1-9 avenue, it was don, trick,
moussee, cleveland, forty, toby, and young bul ant
cooking up rocks, had the crackhead who could make the big ones
forty’s mom trippin’ whenever the noise level [in the house] went up
and crew had me going to the chinese store
to purchase the o.e.’s, coquis, red bulls...
drink on the way to school, drink more after school, yeah
battles in the school halls, me, clover, pooh bear
bud fresh was my hype man, kash was my side man
monty g. drowned me out with his beat boxin’
carly crush had the freestyle off-the-top wit’ it
...south philly would form a hunnid thick, nothin’ stopping it
ephram was a ringleader for the beatdowns
at the spectrum..reason north and west philly hate s.p. now
or did for a long time...[anyway] shout to aaron and quinton,
mikkaal and holly, everyone I ain’t mention
shouts to air smoove, robbie b., jazzy joe
my man pauly yamz, yo, let the records show...

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