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ChristO crouching tiger

shii, my breath stink, and I'm dehydrating
thinkin' of what flouride been doing to our brain stem
somehow gods' corrosive-resistant, and I'm persistant with it
every chick shitted like I'm porceline
on my present presence, the money got a spell on 'em
triple x ratings got me in a living hell for 'em?
ay look, how do I survive without them
beats the hell outta' me, I'm just alive in this skin
dead as a doornail in the spirit, born plugged in
to the system, two years after the slugs trimmed
my hairline and some fat offa' me, slumped in
a' elevator of all things, shot to south phil'
my story never change up, this how I got killed
interrigate me at ya' own risk, I got skills...
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