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Miami plays Chicago in 5 days in the United Center. This time Lu-Deng is playing. We will see soon enough how these 2 teams match-up. The turning point in last year's ECF was when ASIK broke his leg. The Bulls started off that series dominating the cHeat and had ESPN ANALysts making excuses after game 1. This is a solid Bulls team and the cHeat have been losing to teams with big front courts. By the way that bucks team that D-ROSE just buried last night is the same bucks team that has beaten the miami cHeat TWICE this season.

And the lebron guarding rose bullshit is precisely that, bullshit.

Sam Smith: I think the LeBron stopping Rose stuff is way overrated. LeBron canít guard Rose. Iíd actually like to see more isolation when Miami does that as thereís no way LeBron can stay in front of Rose. You bring someone up to set a screen and then LeBron can defend him better with the help. Sure, itís a different look and something Iíd do if I were Miami. But the Cavs tried that in the playoffs in 2010 and Rose didnít have much trouble. Thatís going to be the least of the Bulls concerns if they meet the Heat again.
Sam Smith, the recipient of the Hall of Fame's 2012 Curt Gowdy Media Award for best NBA beat writer knows what he's talking about. You don't.


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