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Default ...takes critical thinking..

...they want to take me away from y’all blacks, this all-fact
and collect data to turn my [God] skin y’all actin’
like that’s alright...yeah, I see, my own people
never seen me...that’s dangerous ‘cause the devil see me
deciphering my knowledge, trying to get close to the son/sun
tried to usurp my position at ’06, some low shit
6.4 of 2006, symbolic of 666
and luc’ is a short nigga, his life expectency on y’all existence..
..just notice and know this, whiteyes touring through our lifelines
is a premise of gentrification contrasting our genocide
when I die, y’all want me, God, coming back as the caucasoid
while I’m here now, you looking at a ghost sayin’ “just ignore him”
it’s like kuts said, I’m too deep for wtc
but 9.11 of ’01 deceased the wtc...
...the tiles in the streets started from south phila., them “ressurect” ones
you seen in your city streets, from here to south america
...and some white ole’head approached me, i.d.’ed my persona
within this matrix, in ’98, perfect timing on me..
...yeah, I would say help me out...that’s not my call to make though
because them closets can remain closed
the other sex shoulda’ became mines, coerced to be claimed hoes
of the eastern star, lucifer’s main goal to render my name soiled
had my blood plotting to do me rotten
apparently peace between us now, but I ain’t forgot shit
how bloods seeped..then the profit acted like he telling me suh’m
when he told me phila. muslims neutralized the bloods shit..
..yo, I mean, cool, but dude, it’s me y’all really never knew
how wu going soo, blood, and bloods going soo woo?
because I’m the sun tzu, because I’m the sun wu..
..unnastand, luc’ summoned this part of me up for the war
he had “set up” for or on me since around ’74... coined it was lucy’s womb...
..the gift is gab’, gabriel, the word’ll leave most m.c.’s doomed,
the ones who don’t know and who reject this truth...

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