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ChristO shaolin monk
Default go to march '06 co-worker mike was shot down
the newsreporter got the micí now
the fuse is shorter, whereís the light now
jeep flipped, sheila from the block in a box spoiliní
charisse clipped, now six feet beneath the top soil
I think about what luci said
with every death of a friend or family member, on march the 12th
2006 to me..had to stop him in his tracks with that
Iím God, so I know his tactíics, black
in so many words told him I was ghengis
he know who I am though and canít act like he donít unnaístand me words hit me later, revealed to me data
I got lifetimes of information in my nature
carry myself like futuristic luggage
to his jugular when he try avoiding the subject
yacub is a wanted man, dead or alive, fuk him
gods, seriously, if you see him, start dumpiní
Iím to nyc [too nice] with it, fillies never rolled the dice with me
gamble with they life tryiní aí outslick me
my niggasí niggas is not my niggas
my peopleís peoples may not be peoples
if you donít know me, I donít know you just Ďcause you familiar
fuck you pussy, you ainít wití that..
...what's it gon' be, yacub, or jacob, or israel, luci...yo, I'm comin' a' get you, get used to it...

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