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Don't embarrass yourself.

See you in the playoffs. If you can get past the second round. Maybe you better start worrying about your overrated team up against teams like the magic, 76ers, and pacers. Lebron and Wade go for 71 points and no one else shows up. Typical of your one dimensional team. The absence of a front court is a serious problem that you must not want to admit. Spoestra's offense isn't too difficult for the coach of the year Tom Thibodeau to dissect. Your team is overrated mostly by ESPN. LeBrick disappeared in the 4th quarter again and Wade put up a good fight but the old knees aren't enough. Bosh looked like he was going to cry a few times out there. Haslem got away with a few flops and still wishes he was Taj Gibson. Battier remains a bum. Get the ridiculous youtube video out of your signature and step off.
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