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Imagine every decision hindered by visions/
incisions on my cerebrum, heathen religions/
denyin my appetite, I sacrifice a pigeon/
Allah speaks, I'm only actin like I'm listenin/
my mission: to mine gold, a story I'm told/
"this shar, Nibiru's winters are ice-cold/
use your bold rhymes in time for mind-control/
in time you'll find the road to abide in abodes/
built for Annunaki, descendants of Elohim"/
I woke from my dream next to a rocky stream/
I wrote eight bars under the heat of the daystar/
knowin that Enki was watchin me on his radar...

Lately I been questionin my God, depressed again, my god/
clenchin the pen as my rod, but it's been lessenin my odds/
then again, these sentiments are clearly evident as fraud/
cuz I spread poison for presidents, my residence is Nod/
the tenements I trod where my innocence was robbed/
my convictions are concrete but my sentences are sod/
my sentences aside, most my medicine is flawed/
no more streets of gold in Nibiru, Heaven is a fraud....
Image is everything except the truth.
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