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King Hoover ain't dead yet, but I'm dead set to don the headdress/
Sixx is my new name, no Kool Aid is pumped from under my left breast/
no pen for my next test, Alaskan cold with a flask in my head rest/
since Pac died, I'm the last jinn to survive inside of men's flesh/
I trendset like a sensai, it's so easy to influence what men say/
so simple to sense the menstrual cycles, up unto the tenth day/
I mark moon cycles wherever my head lay, learnt that from Kenyenta/
my compadre, my ese, a comrade in combat against the death ray/
check the x-ray, translucent thoughts hide my murky intentions/
before Xerxes ascension, built pyramids with our early inventions/
how did Anu fall to such dirty detentions, Merlin he mentioned/
while we were pearlin blunts for ten earth months worth of tension/
I paid attention, but he refunded my heed, took a blunt of my weed/
gave me a seed from his sleeve, said it would symbolize our creed/
yea, though I walk through the alley of the battles for Seth/
my shadow is deft, my mantle I heft til not a chapel in Babel is left...
Image is everything except the truth.
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