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Originally Posted by Abraham Lincoln View Post
Dudes dont sing Beyonce songs. But even if he didnt sing one note you could tell that nigga is a flaming faggot. He's wearing a woman's top for starters. SMH and he looks just like Ghost too. Suge Knight has a homo for a son too. So ironic these thugged out dudes have produced sugary babies. Guess they should have been around more instead of out rapping, partying and beating people up
Being gay is not the result of an absent father. It is the result of being gay.

And saying "f-ggot" is going to age about as well as a white guy saying "n-gger" in the 50's.

No matter how many years go by, there's always part of society that's bullheaded and backwards. Is that really the group you want to be belong to? For real. Life is short.

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