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Many failed attempts from Satellites and Demons who want to control me
They don't like the path i've chosen so they try to withold me
from reaching the heavens, but you'd never believe this
I see myself as significantly more important than Jesus
and all these fools thinking we're gonna colonise other planets is lame
you cant survive in their atmosphere, when you can't even drink tap water in Spain
Cee-Lo thought he was a Transformer, but there's a storm coming!
I'll zap your lights out so start running!
they say i'm a Magus munching Fungii so what's my Fate?
I'm like Subclassing, but your Sendkeys in the actions you create
Ascension in 2012 won't really happen to that many
I'm really poor but i can afford to give everyone who ascends 1 penny
The government belive they are right in zapping me with satellites
There's plenty of rapists out there dont bother me just cus i aint actin right
you have a machine that causes bothersome synchronicities in my life
and i notice them and pity you for wanting this fight
imagine how much their technology costs, whats it worth?
i'm iller than any robot you could birth
this government has plenty of money, blind following goons and technology
why do you want rid of me so bad? whats the point, don't bother me
It's like i know somethings wrong and i can feel it
I've evolved beyond yall, you robots just can't see it
name one thing you can do better than i can do
your nothing but a tool so fuck off back to B&Q
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