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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

I found a way to piss off the illuminati
this will piss off the government for monitoring me too closely
the Lower Tier think they're doing it cus im violent and wont cower
but the Upper Tier, they are worried about my growing strength and psychic powers
they know everything i do... and analyse it
to use against me, so motherfucker, fuck you
they want me doped up and locked away or to commit suicide
i cannot self terminate so i guess its you who's on the losing side
they wouldnt hit me nor even push me
in real life, last time i got taken away there was over 10 police officers there, pussy
there's more God in me than any of you
DMX begging for forgiveness is a fool
after me your left with nothing
you get smoked like the joint im puffing
to get rid of me you need to do more than wish
i'm the Second Coming of Christ, the wait is over, but take it as a diss

this is too ill for these cats, 9th prince
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