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To the governments,

how many millions did you spend on this technology guys
to build the technology to fuck with peoples heads using satellites up high
how many years did it take you to do this?
how many scientists did it take? man these guys is just stupid
you think its right, me too, so keep up the bullshit
now my trust with the government forever i'm clearly through with
why did you learn how the human mind functions
only to create devastating tools of mass destruction (that's evil)
to the operators of the satellites who do indeed suck
do you even know how the technology works?
or do you just enjoy pushing a button saying its ace
knowing it fucks up the thoughts in my head from your satellites in space
your technology bounces through windows and walls
targetting my mind using your technology so small
you make my mind go upside down and inside out
things its not meant to be doing, no doubt
i took many drugs which all made my mind work better, i rhyme
accessing higher vibrations, untapped psychic ability now on-line
scientists obviously dont believe in higher beings or hell
selling the government new weapons thinking everythings swell
satellite operators blasting me in the head
then going home to tell their wife how they were stopping the bad guys instead

your going to hell
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