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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

no one really expects the return of jesus
they dont believe this, they think 'the world is perfect' why would we need the return of jesus
rich people, poor people living inside a little bubble
can't see past their own hands, get burried in rubble
how come the illuminati have esoteric knowledge gathered from thousands of years ago
but they can't understand the future the way time will flow
i'm not jesus like the bible
but i'm the second coming, that makes me something
the first man who'll integrate with extraterrestrials
ill seem meaningful to them with my interesting skills

a government member pushes buttons and satellites zap my head (mein kopf)
isnt it interesting people in the government get paid to merely piss me off
he thinks he's better than me because he's apart of the 'team'
but let me tell you something about the way it seems
certain members of the government think about me round the clock
want to find new ways to get me outlined in chalk
but that don't matter, you've got all everything going for you
so attack a sick man and get slammed this is why i'm flowing for you
if i never came to change the direction of this planet
you'd not survive another 1000 years without critical damage
i had an out of body experience and spoke to powerful light beings
your government leaders are controlled by illuminati so what kind of faggot visions are they seeing

the earth was destroyed by the different elements several times
i'm so powerful i destroy your motivation with a single rhyme
so imagine what i can do once i reach my peak
raekwon you think your some big dude cus you run a street?
get knocked off yo feet for playing a part of the illuminati's game
this game is fucking fun or am i just insane
this aint life or death, i'm invincible, my strike is invisible
some people think we're all connected, we're all one, not me i'm an individual
my fate is to kill you
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