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Big Baby Jesus 666
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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

This is Melanin Magik (Black Magic)

"They monitor my body functions from Central London
my heart rate is thumping, i suffer from numbness
A robot arm shoves the drugs in
A...A robot arm shoves the drugs in..
" - Canibus

Canibus had a lyrical vision of the ancient mayan depiction
of Sean C sniffing cocaine and going crazy on his computer system
i heard someone like MI5 were watching me round the clock
they didnt want my knowledge of other worlds to drop
humans aint in tune with earth and nature its fcked up
im in tune with all that, nature the universe and the future so whats up?
how come its the prophecized year, 2012
and im the only one developing new strength to send devils to hell
scientists work round the clock to figure this out
they nothing but larvals left in doubt
mammals who can talk but with no higher intelligence
no direction so it makes you all irrelevant
im the only man ET's are interested in
ive travelled to other dimensions and brought back the stuff that they interested in
99% of believers in 2012 are just fed up of life
I hold in my hands the matrix and i hear "Rodimus Prime Arise"
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