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I think the Knicks are the most overrated team in the entire NBA. 29-27. You barely win more games than you lose. Here you have a team that gets the airtime and ESPN fondling as if an elite top 3 team, yet the Knicks quite possibly won't even make the playoffs in a league where over half the teams make the playoffs. That is pathetic considering how high a salary the Knicks have. They have the 6th highest team salary in the league but only the 16th best record out of 30 teams. Spike Lee bought enough front row seats enough years that they can overpay for divas like carmelo anthony and Amare Stoudemire. What a sucka. And "linsanity" was the corniest gimmick of the season. You went on a boring 5 or 6 game winning streak and acted like you won the championship.

Milwaukee is only a game and a half behind you yet the knicks have a difficult schedule the rest of the season. You have to beat the Bulls, Heat, Celtics, Hawks, Clippers, and of course the Bucks to try to scrape out an 8th seed. If Bulls win tonight we were 3-1 against the Knicks this year. You got your little superbowl win. That's the first time the knicks ever beat the bulls since getting carmelo. Have fun playing golf while the Bulls are in the playoffs.

Oh yeah, by the way, look at the standings. Who has the best record in the league? Thought so.
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