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Originally Posted by Killbot View Post
just copped these .. stocking up for the summer

^^kinda wished i woulda got an all black pair or something but the fresh water colorway is a ken grif staple.

those sparkles u see arent glitter them shits litterally fucking glimmer in the sunlight i just copped and rocked em to the hood and got compliments from white black etc bitches my niggas and even a couple older white dudes so they do break necks... idk i buy what i like and dont get wrapped up in the hype.

next 2 on the list

between the red ones and blue ones idk yet ^^

i like the 360 bubbles makes me go from 6' 5" to feelin like im 7 ft lol..

thinkin about getting some black kobe systems and white air 1's too ..bout to get back in school ... not goin back bummy lol
Nice Grif's and Diamond Turf's...both are sick. I'd go for the red Nomo's. I just got some Kobe VII's (Poison Dart Frog cw) and they fit a little tight at first but you got to break them in. Check for deals on kicks and also (they give you the sku number for Nike's on sale and also the phone number to the specific Nike outlet store for phone orders). Nice pickup's Killbot.

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