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Default A Challenge to the Moderator(S) of this site

I noticed someone thought is was real fly to put 85% next to my first instinct was to laugh as I know heads on here are quite reckless in seeking attention and humor out of things. After giving it some thought and considering the fact #1 none one on this site has every spoken to me directly much less to have any knowledge of my standing in any form #2 I never come on this site and diss anyone...I thought it would only be reasonable to exxtend an invitation for the moderator who put that up to come on out to Bed Stuy BK or Stapelton SI and say this to me directly Here's my address 519 Throop Ave. If you are overseas or don't have the heart to confront me and stand behind your words directly I suggest a open forum via Skype or UStream that everyone can be apart of so I can dismantle any fallacies in that form. See unlike the coward who decided to do that I am more then capable of sharing my views with whom eva they are intended directly.....We can settle this in a civilized manner or uncivilized which eva you choose!

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