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Default this is the new one

poor monkeys in cages being zapped by beams
the government testing on animals it seems
they wanna test out they technological abominations
before they unleash they satellites on the general population
how many monkeys had to die befor they got the codes right
for they satellites? Yo toast blast this mic
if god really made these animals he's gonna be mighty pissed
and now he's ready for war, yo thats why your getting dissed
the minds codes being overridden
you probably even tested this technology on little defenseless kittens
you sicken me i know your taking my mind for a joy ride
but fucking with me you driving your own self to suicide
no one knows what to believe in no more
thats why you invented new technology to take control
of the human mind and import into it your own settings
i kill these devils in a split second, i reckon

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