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jahnyjigler crouching tigerjahnyjigler crouching tiger

Kimbo slice one punch knock em out twice
It's a blood sport Van Dam Michael jai White
Sacrificed thrice dead on the floor three blind mice
We'res the ice one shot scare em slide up in yo wife
The kids are watching while I dick tape the females even the maid get it
Real nightmares take over yo life cash nah that's nothing it's petty
All I need are the diamonds and rubies here pop the blue pill
That'll will wake you up revenge is a two corse meal
First ima make u suffer show u the tape I made sticking it to yo mother
She was loving it too doggy did her soundtrack motherless child by Wu
Think it thru millions you have ain't worth shit yo face turning blue
Wipe the mucus of yo nose punk bleach in yo eye shaolin Suuuuuuu
That's how we get down Stapleton for the crown
Thank you for the diamonds rubies and am takin the maid she tight
Oh by the way there's a bomb in the microwave boom out o sight
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