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its really 50/50 with Van Gundy and Howard. Van Gundy telling the media Dwight wanted him fired was a pretty bitch move, but then again Howard asking for his coach to get the chop is also a bitch move. the person who needs to go first in Orlando however is the GM Otis Smith. everything he has done has been a disaster.

the playoffs are gonna be tight, even though the East looks like a 2 horse race i think the Knicks have a chance to pull off an upset with they way they have been paying lately, and also the Celtics have begun to really get going as well.

same can be said for the west, loads of teams can pull off an upset, the Clippers, Grizzlies all look good.
Either way, I feel bad for Stan Van Gundy. Should he have leaked the news out to the press? Hell no. He's a good coach. Guys like Dwight and Colts owner Jim Irsay get to talk and tweet all they want, but when the coach says something that's actually true, he gets condemned for it? He shouldn't have said it of course, because it will only drive the media crazy, but in no way, shape or form does it warrant a firing.

In the end, I sometimes feel like Van Gundy should be given the Coach of the Year award for all the bullshit he's had to deal with. From the media, Dwight and even Stern. It's a shame. He's almost certainly gone no matter what, but he'll get picked up quick ( Clippers anyone?). Good coach.
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