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Well if they expect to get some championships, they need to stop shooting so many jumpshots and play some defense. I see Carmelo has been getting criticism lately for scoring too much and not getting his teammates involved. I just watched footage of Charles Barkley talking about Blake Griffin's teammates need to come to his defense when their opponents be trying to take Blake's head off. I watched footage of Phoenix's Robin Lopez foul Blake hard across the head and Blake fell down hard. It looked like Blake's neck snapped back when he fell. I think Phoenix and Clippers game was recent. Charles also talked about he doesn't understand why Blake isn't getting the ball in the last 5 minutes. He said he's the best player on the team and he's supposed to be getting the ball with the game on the line. Charles said he also needs to work on his game during the offseason and do something else besides dunk. I guess Charles is saying Blake needs a jumpshot and some post moves.
This isn't a championship team so your point is moot and Melo isn't just scoring nowadays he's playing the best defense and passing better than he ever has under Woodson.

I might of agreed with a Charles all the the way through until he said Blake was the best player on the Clips.
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